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Silicon Networks, is a major Internet Technologies firm, a leader in wide area and wireless networking.

Silicon Networks can increase networking performance and reliability through Windows Server technologies and application development. Since 1996, Silicon Networks has been a leader in networking technology, T1 installation, DSL service, and wide area networking services.

Accounting Solutions: Intuit and Sage Accounting Solutions supported. Ask about remote access accounting from Silicon Networks.

Silicon Networks network consultants for small and businesses and non-profits offer San Leandro, Oakland, Berkeley, and Orinda clients with immediate support at economical pricing offering clients system reliability, stability, security, and productivity.

From cabling and infrastructure to workstation moves and relocation, Silicon Networks are the experts and wired and wireless technologies.

Silicon Networks provides the Northern California region with computer networking and IT consulting services. Located in Silicon Valley, our highly skilled personnel provide adaptive Microsoft Windows Server Systems including Windows Server 2016. Our Windows Server consultants assist businesses with internal cloud solutions for control and security at the local level.

Containers Redefined: Windows Server 2016

The virtual machine (VM) has expanded the container concept for efficiency sharing more resources and namespaces in Windows Server 2016. Silicon Networks offers Linux and Windows 2016 Servers as part of the cloud architecture available to clients.

Cloud Computing. Confused about the cloud and how to implement accounting solutions within the enterprise? Silicon Networks can design a small to medium sized business accounting solution, wireless networking, secure network with solutions from Sage Software and Intuit. For clients growing out of Intuit products, Silicon Networks offers a full range of Sage solutions to integrate the web, warehouse automation, scanning, and intelligent databases.

The objective of Silicon Networks is to increase the decision making process of clients using business intelligence. Providing the right information, at the right time, for transactions, accounting, sales, and marketing applications. Businesses can enhance their bottom line, their phone calls, and revenue streams.

Founded in 1996, Silicon Networks is dedicated to providing business intelligence and expert system solutions to small and medium sized businesses. As Internet Technology specialists, Silicon Networks utilizes advanced techniques to translate network performance into sales.

Silicon Networks still supports Windows XP with technical support, virus removal, malware removal, and backup and recovery solutions.

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